The production process consists of the technological stages:
1. Input control of pressing tools and cylindrical homogenized ingots of aluminum alloys of the required chemical composition.
2. Pressing. Monitoring technological parameters of the pressing process.
3. Edit and cut to length. Control of the geometric dimensions of the cross section of the profile and its length, control of the surface of the profiles.
4. Thermal processing of the dimensional profile. Acceptance control of the geometric dimensions and length of the profile, the quality of the profile surface. Monitoring of mechanical characteristics of profiles (material state).
5. Packing of aluminum profiles. Quality control of package profile.
The pressing process includes the following operations:
• heating the ingot cylindrical to the specified temperature;
• Cutting the heated ingot into measuring billets using a hydraulic guillotine (hot cutting scissors);
• Direct pressing process;
• hardening of the profile (water-air or air)
The scheme of the direct method of the pressing process is shown in the figure below.

алю альянс каталог продукции украина киевThe technological process of straightening the profile is carried out by stretching it between two hydraulic clamps. This process is carried out using a properly-stretching machine, which is designed to correct the longitudinal curvature of the profile. The drawn profile is transferred to the receiving roller conveyor of the saw of the final cutting for its cutting into a measured length.
The technological process of thermal processing of the dimensional profile is carried out according to the specified temperature-time parameters in order to achieve the required parameters of mechanical properties.

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сплавы из алюминия алю альянс киев купитьPRICING FEATURES.
The problem of pricing for manufactured products – in any business the conversation is special. In aluminum business, most of the price is the cost of the raw material, aluminum raw materials. But the price of aluminum does not remain unchanged day by day. It is subject to fluctuations depending on the price of metals on the London Stock Exchange.
This forces many profile manufacturers to abandon fixed prices for their products and move to floating prices. In this case, the price of the product is directly tied to the price of aluminum on the London Stock Exchange, and any customer can easily get acquainted with these prices. To do this, there is an official website of the exchange on the Internet.
Nevertheless, the price policy of any entrepreneur must be flexible at the same time. This will increase the credibility of regular customers by offering them prices that are insignificant, but lower than those of competitors.
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